A plea for help to keep the girls in school.

Hello friends,
My name is Dr. Josephine Kulea. I am the founder of Samburu Girls Foundation. To date the foundation has rescued over 1,000 girls from Child Marriage, Beading and Female Genital Mutilation.
We currently are supporting 315 girls in schools at different levels and School fees are not paid for as they are many and the Foundation is committed to paying in excess of $60,000 per year for all these children. Coupled with the clothing, feeding and equipment costs the foundation is under a great deal of financial pressure.
With this in mind I come to you with a request. Please visit our donate page and give what you can to help keep a girl in school and out of harms way. No donation is too small and all are gratefully received.
If you cannot afford to donate, do not worry, just share this with your friends and across your social media contacts. Even one share may help us reach our goal. The girls are relying on you to help educate them and give them a brighter future.
Thank you and much blessings.