Your generous donations will go a long way in supporting our work of ensuring that the girls in Samburu have access to education and their daily needs just like normal children are met.

$15 can pay for medical insurance for a girl for a year
$25 can buy personal items for a semester
$55 can feed a girl for a month
$100 can buy full school uniform with school shoes
$600 can pay Tuition for a whole year
$1,000 can equip a library
$1,500 can sponsor a girl for a year
$2,500 can support holiday camp for girls
$5,000 can support an exchange program for the girls
$10,000 can equip a classroom

For those with with M-pesa donation can be made through the Paybill Number below:

mpesa paybill

For Visa and Mastercard holders, use the  Paypal Donation Button below:

If you would like to enter to our sponsor a girl program, send us an email at and we shall get back to you shortly after.